7 Best Physician Podcasts

Best Health & Wellness Podcasts

Looking to spice up your drive to work or daily run? No, I’m not going to suggest the ridiculous early arrival of the pumpkin spice latte.

Try spicing up your alone time with education and inspiration by listening to a podcast episode. There are so many options- 700,000 active podcast shows to be exact.  For example- there are shows about marketing, then more specific shows about lead generation, social media, branding, and content marketing.

One of the latest trends in podcasting is a private employees-only podcast, which is an easy way to keep staff informed of business changes and need-to-know info, while making sure it always stays internal.

The five most popular podcasting genres are:

  1. Society & Culture
  2. Business
  3. Comedy
  4. News & Politics
  5. Health

The Best Health & Wellness Podcasts

Let’s take a look at a niche podcasting genre within the physician community, that would likely fall into the Society & Culture or Health categories- health and wellness podcasts created by and produced for physicians.

A multitude of physicians have taken the leap, turned on the mic, and hit record. These physicians have started their own podcast shows to promote health and wellness by addressing issues within medicine or amplifying success strategies. There are shows focusing on topics across the board from investing, general finances, life improvement strategies for surgeons, and malpractice litigation, to name a few.

Check out the best health and wellness podcasts for physicians and my favorite episode for each, in no particular order. Six of them are hosted by physicians, while one does not have a physician show host per say, but his company was founded by physicians in 1976 and serves physician constitutes. Each of these health and wellness podcast for physicians has its own distinct brand, music, format, and reason for existence.

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7 Best Physician Podcasts


(1) Doctor Me First Podcast

Best Health & Wellness Podcast for Doctors

About the Show Host:

Currently practicing as medical attending for a geri-psych hospital, Dr. Errin Weisman, is also a life coach entrepreneur working with doctors experiencing burnout.

About Doctor Me First Podcast:

Each episode consists of an authentic conversation between Dr. Weisman and her female colleague guest. The one prep work for the guest…pick one word to frame their conversation around.

Favorite Episode: Connecting with Dr. Donnica Moore, Episode 75 with Dr. Moore, who is a women’s health advocate as a media physician commentator and educator.

(2) Doctors Unbound Podcast

Best Health & Wellness Podcasts

About the Show Host:

Dr. David Draghinas is private practice anesthesiologist who served in the U.S. Navy for three years after residency. He founded the Doctors Unbound podcast for two reasons: (1) To help physicians reach the next rung of success by learning from their peers and (2) to help uplift and provide a positive image for the physician community.

About Doctors Unbound Podcast:

This is a show that highlights physicians doing interesting things outside clinical medicine, and the experts that can help them. Starting a business, or blog, investing, writing, or entering politics, this show gives you a behind-the-scenes look at doctors doing amazing things.

Favorite Episode: Exploring the paths of wealth and wellness, Episode 86 with Dr. Vanessa Peters, Chief Physician Officer of Graybill Medical Group and Real Estate Investor.

(3) Your Practice Made Perfect

About the Show Host:

Brian Fortenberry is Assistant Vice President of Underwriting at SVMIC where he assists in evaluating risk for the company and assisting policyholders with underwriting issues. He is also the Population Health Adoption Manager for CareAllies.

About Your Practice Made Perfect Podcast:

The show includes medical industry professionals who discuss current issues and provide advice for today’s practicing medical professionals. The episode discussions cover a wide range- everything from medical legislature to inspiring stories about addiction recovery.

Favorite episode: Closing the Gap- Care Management, Episode 40 with
Michael Burcham, CEO of Narus Health.

(4) Docs Outside the Box

best health and wellness podcasts

About the Show Host:

Dr. Nii-Daako Darko is an Emergency General Surgeon and Entrepreneur. He attended two different schools at the same time while receiving his MBA and DO, Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Darko is also the author of 3, 2, 1…Podcast!: The Beginner’s Guide to Building Brand Authority Through Podcasting.

About Docs Outside the Box Podcast:

This podcast looks into the minds of cutting-edge and innovative doctors. You won’t find these stories in any medical textbook. His guests are living proof that doctors can break free from the exam room.

Favorite Episode: Healthy finances will lead to a healthier you!, Episode 115 with Dr. Nikki Ramskill, the Female Money Doctor and first doctor in the UK to blog about money.

(5) Creating a New Healthcare

Best Health & Wellness Podcasts: creating a new healthcare

About the Show Host:

Dr. Zeev Neuwirth is the author of “Reframing Healthcare: A Roadmap For Creating Disruptive Change” and is currently serving as Atrium Health’s Senior Medical Director of Population Health.

About Creating a New Healthcare Podcast:

Dr. Neuwirth’s podcast is a series for Primary Care Physician leaders who are looking for fresh perspectives, new solutions and inspiration in their journey to advance value based care.   

Favorite episode: Reimagining Healthcare with Dr. Stephen Klasko, CEO of Jefferson Health, Episode 68 covers many innovative topics including the ground-breaking partnerships Jefferson Health has made, including one with the third-leading ‘fashion & design’ university in the country.

(6) Women in White Coats

Best Health & Wellness Podcast for Physicians

About the Show Host:

From their book launch in May of 2018, they started to see that the discussion needed to continue beyond the book and that is why the group of females behind Women in White Coats launched their blog and then a podcast. The host of the podcast is Charmaine R. Gregory, MD, who is currently a full-time nocturnist emergency physician at St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI, where she also is an emergency medicine residency clinical faculty.

About Women in White Coats Podcast:

Women doctors discuss life, work, and family. Interested in what life is like for women who don the white coat? Each episode will feature either a live interview with a woman in medicine that has contributed to the Women in White Coats blog or an amazing woman in medicine doing incredible things. This is a window into the lives of women in white coats in their own voices.

Favorite episode: Dr. Anu Kathiresan – Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist, episode 24 features an interview with Dr. Kathiresan about her popular blog post, “That’s Doctor Not Mrs.”

(7) Happy Doc Podcast

Best Health & Wellness Podcast for Physicians

About the Show Host:

Dr. Taylor Brana is the Happy Doc. He is currently a Resident Physician at Einstein Healthcare Network, as well as, the CEO and Co-Founder of MedFlashGo.

About Happy Doc Podcast:

This podcast is a tool designed to provide inspiration and knowledge to enhance creativity, joy, and success in the field of healthcare. Dr. Brana interviews happy doctors so listeners can learn how they succeed in such a demanding field.

Favorite episode: Moral Injury, Episode 100 with Wendy Dean MD and Simon Talbot MD. The two physician leaders joined forces to co-create an organization called Moral Injury Healthcare to change the conversation about healthcare. Dr. Dean has a background in Psychiatry and Military medicine. She noticed a similarity in what she was seeing in PTSD and what her healthcare colleagues were experiencing. Dr. Talbot is an Australian Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon.

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Final Thoughts on Health & Wellness Podcasts

I have personally been inspired by listening to each of the best health and wellness podcast shows for doctors. I’ve ultimately been educated by thought leaders in medicine who I would have never gotten the chance to learn from, if it weren’t for their podcasts. I gladly get lost in an episode while running and have run way further than I ever have before (I normally get bored at 2 miles and move onto something else), while listening and training for my first 5k in 10+ years.

The amount of podcasters entering the market with new shows also brings demand, creating opportunities for new businesses to provide podcasters with support. This industry is quickly growing leaving its infancy behind as entrepreneurs enter the market to meet the demand. It seems like new podcasting businesses pop up every day in the news or on social media. Businesses range from from full service podcasting strategy firms, to remote recording software (Squadcast) that allows hosts to interview guests from miles and time zones away.

Our firm is super pumped about recently launching the White Coat Wellness podcast, a financial health & wellness podcast show for doctors, showcasing real life stories from doctors and dentists themselves. Have a listen! Click or tap on the image below to subscribe to the podcast so you’ll never miss a show.

White Coat Wellness Podcast

Molly Holbert

Molly Holbert | White Coat Wellness podcast producer and Marketing Director of Spaugh Dameron Tenny. Molly is passionate about connecting with people, digital marketing, and serving her community. Reach out to her if you have blog topic or podcast ideas.