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Real-life stories from doctors themselves

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Episodes feature discussions with physicians, dentists, and other partners who are leaders in the medical and dental industry. These discussions are explicitly tailored to doctors and dentists, highlighting White Coat Achievements to inspire you to reach personal, professional, and financial wellness.

You will hear real life stories of doctors’ winding career paths to turning practice wealth into personal wealth.

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Episode 01 with Dr. Jessica Mendelsohn, Owner of New South Family Medicine


Episode 02 with Dr. Angela Fusaro, Co-founder & CEO of Physician 360
Episode 03 with Dr. Joseph Hsu, Vice Chair of Quality at Atrium Health Musculoskeleltal Institute

Meet Your Podcast Host:

Shane Tenny, CFP® and Chief Cheerleader of Spaugh Dameron Tenny
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Shane, who had originally aspired to be a television news anchor, had an aptitude for strategic thinking that drew him to financial advising instead. Since 2000, he has had the privileged to provide thought-leadership to our industry through service on multiple organizations and committees including teaching the Continuing Education Ethics requirement for the CFP® Board of Standards. He has lectured numerous times for hospitals and physician groups and, most importantly, helped hundreds of clients develop strategies to navigate through turbulent times toward their financial goals. His ultimate goal is to become a cowboy when he grows up.

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Health & Wealth in Medicine

Invite your friends and colleagues in medicine to engage in the conversation. We encourage you to share about your progress, news about the medical or dental field, podcasts, blogs, upcoming events or helpful tips for personal, professional, or financial wellness so we can inspire and encourage each other.

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